Sophomores Struggle to Determine their Community Service

By Esme Laster


Since the start of the new school year, the search for a fulfilling community service experience has dominated the minds of Beacon’s 10th graders. Although very few sophomores have begun completing their community service requirements, let alone chosen a service organization among the many named in Advisory or mentioned by friends, the weight of the task is felt daily. Many students have expressed concerns about not having time for a 2-3 hour-long weekly obligation and about choosing a well-suited form of service. Juniors and seniors who have experienced the process advise sophomores to choose a field of service that they find both stimulating and challenging at an organization that is compatible with students’ limitations.

However, it is no easy task to figure out what type of service one wants to do and where one wants to pursue this. In fact, this is the primary stressor for many Beacon 10th graders. Sophomore Lola Blackman, when expressing her thoughts on the chaotic process of choosing a community service option, was “overwhelmed by the pressure of choosing the right thing” and hadn’t even begun thinking about what she truly wanted to do. Community service is intended to be an enriching learning experience, yet for many sophomores, it feels like a chore. Hopefully, for future classes at Beacon, the stigma surrounding community service will change and the topic can be approached as an exciting social opportunity.

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