Beacon Model UN Wins “Best Delegation” at GCIMUN for the 3rd Consecutive Year


On Saturday, May 12th, Beacon Model UN won the Best Delegation Award at the Global Classrooms International Model UN Conference for the third consecutive year. Out of 2500+ delegates and 150+ schools from around the world, Beacon Model UN won more awards per capita than any other school delegation in attendance. Six of the team’s delegations won Secretary-General Awards, the highest award per committee, and three delegations received Honorable Mentions.

During the two-day conference held at the Grand Hyatt hotel, Beacon delegates represented the nation of Japan in various UN committees, with their subjects of debate ranging from the controversial use of capital punishment to strengthening social protections for marginalized communities in Latin America and the Caribbean. Closing ceremonies for the conference were held in the General Assembly of the United Nations, where delegates received their awards.

Beacon’s impressive history at GCIMUN has put its Model UN Team on the map. Last year, it was ranked by Best Delegate as one of the top 25 Model UN Teams in North America. This year, Beacon Model UN has received letters from esteemed colleges, such as Georgetown, inviting the club to attend Model UN conferences. Only a few months ago, the team traveled to Baltimore to attend a competitive conference at Johns Hopkins University. Team members received one Best Delegate Award, one Outstanding Delegate Award, and two honorable mentions. 

Beacon Model UN’s success is a testament to its members’ commitment, as well as to the dedication of its student leadership and faculty advisor, Richard Miller. The team is also grateful to the school’s Parents Association, which has provided invaluable support for the students’ work.

“Model UN has been such a formative part of my Beacon experience,” says Senior and Beacon Model UN Co-Secretary General Kevin Manuele. “Since GCIMUN was my last high school conference, our win was especially meaningful for me. I know that even after our current leadership graduates, this team has a bright future ahead of itself.”

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