Your Next Binge Watch: Shadowhunters

By Janet Hernandez

    Teenagers in black clothing chasing demons? Just another scene in the show Shadowhunters. Shadowhunters is a show based on the fantasy series written by Cassandra Clare. The show follows “shadowhunters” who are half mundane and half angelic whose mission is to protect the mundane world. During the night they go out to hunt these demons that are out for mundane blood. The Shadow world is not only made up of the Nephilim, the world of the angels, it is also made up of  downworlders that consist of vampires, werewolves, fairies and warlocks. The sad thing is that Shadowhunters is unfortunately, coming to an end after three successful seasons.

     Shadowhunters has had a great impact on many people so when news spread about the cancelling of the show many people were devastated by this. However, the fandom did not back down without a fight. They have made #SaveShadowhunters known across the world to show how much they love the show. During this years People’s Choice Awards, Shadowhunters won Favorite TV Show and Binge Worthy Show. Harry Shum Jr. who portrays Magnus Bane on the show, won Male TV Star of the Year and Katherine McNamara who plays Clary Fray, won Female TV Star of the Year. People are in love with this show.

The reason for this strong fandom is that the cast wasn’t all white. The main characters were portrayed by people of color. Not only that, the show includes problems that teens and young adults can relate to. The show features the trials and tribulations of those who come out as gay. In the show there is a character Alec Lightwood, a male shadowhunter who was raised by parents who want a “perfect” family, meaning that Alec would have to be and act straight in order to please his parents. His parents were very strict and they always wanted him to be at his best. However, he has some internal conflicts about his sexuality. Along the way, he is able to meet a warlock named Magnus who makes him question his identity. Another problem is discrimination between the races. Many downworlders are treated as trash due to the council, made up of shadowhunters, that make unfair laws. Many shadowhunters think the downworlders as inferior and an abomination to the world. Throughout the show, the viewers are able to see how these downworlders try to fight against these unfair laws. Discrimination and racism is something that is still present in this world. The show is a perfect example of the struggle that the victims of these oppressors have to face.

Another reason for fans that love the show is that the women are strong. They are not portrayed as weak but very strong, hardworking and determined. Isabelle Lightwood, one of the main characters has a scene where she is able to beat up a muscled man that was twice her size. This screams power, and it shows that what women are capable of doing. Women are not just objects, women have feelings and women are strong. The show is very heartwarming and easy to find a personal connection. Then there is the amazing cast that never fails to make the audience smile or bring tears to our eyes.

Finally, the amazing love triangles and ships that take place make many fans eager to watch the show. To be honest, when I watched the show I was eager to learn more about where these love triangles would lead to. I was also interested in the culture of Shadowhunters and their weapons. If there are two Shadowhunters who trust each other a lot they can become “Parabatai” which forms a strong, completing bond between the two individuals. I thought that was pretty cool since a Parabatai is not like your best friend but like your other half. In addition their runes are intriguing and alluring. Each rune gives them a certain type of power, whether it be invisibility, speed or strength. Then there is Malec and Clace. Malec is the ship that makes most fans happy and excited. Clace is so confusing but I can’t tell you why. If you want to know why then I suggest you go and binge watch Shadowhunters.