Spotlight on Beacon Artists: Sam Spiders

By Sophie Steinberg

Senior Sam Sheridan, known to most on Instagram as “Sam Spiders”, is a musician, photographer, artist, fashion lover, and avid hair-dyer. She is a multi-faceted artist, as she can play a variety of instruments, produce her own tracks, and has an photography studio in her room. As a member of the Art Honors cohort at Beacon, Sam also produces visual art, some of which will be featured in Beacon’s Winter Art show. You can find her art on the fourth floor and her recently released an EP, “Spider,” on all music platforms.

The Beacon Beat’s Editor-in-Chief Sophie Steinberg and close friend of Sam’s, sat down with her to discuss her art and music.

The Beacon Beat: What are some things or people that inspire you as an artist?

Sam Spiders: Bright colors, I like Karen Oh, Cindy Sherman, Kusama. I’m inspired by my own work, and trying to make it evolve helps me move it forward. Of course the artists around me and New York City in general inspire me as well.

The Beacon Beat: What’s your style as a musician? As a photographer?

Sam Spiders: I think I have a unique eye in the way I edit my photos. I like vibrant colors, shapes, and symbols within images. As a musician, I am trying to do more pop music, but a slightly new take on it. I want to do things that other people haven’t done before. Musically, I don’t really know if I’m inspired by anyone.

The Beacon Beat: What about Bikini Kill?

Sam: Bikini Kill? Not for my music, but definitely for my artistic expression and inspiration. Kathleen Hanna made me want to make my first rock band when I was like 8.

The Beacon Beat: Billie Eilish? (Jokingingly).

Sam: (Laughs). No, not Billie Eilish, but she’s cool.

The Beacon Beat: Can you tell me about your hair and your outfit right now?

Sam: My hair? Well, I’m wearing Air Maxs, they’re pretty basic. These jeans are UNIF, which is kind of gross. I got this belt for $4 and I’m wearing two shirts on top of my jeans. And my hair… I kind of messed it up yesterday, but I like it. It’s pretty damaged right now but I’m taking care of it.

The BB: What color is your hair right now?

Sam: It’s like a light blue teal kind of, and my roots are platinum blonde for some reason. But it’s kinda cool though.

The BB: What are you looking forward to most about second semester in your Senior Year?

Sam:In second semester, there’s just so much more free time to work on stuff, and I’m really excited. I’m gonna make a bunch more new music and I’m trying to make a video. I’m just looking forward to having more time to focus on the things that I’ve been putting off because of portfolio and college-related work.

The BB: Can you explain your stage name?

Sam: My name is Sam Spiders because it sounds better than my real name. I want to change it legally.

Check out Sam’s EP: