Around the Web, Vol. 1

Around The Web. A collection of interesting and relevant articles from around the internet. Take five minutes to scroll through, maybe you find something you like.

By Tali Rosen

Everyone’s school experience looks different. School can be grueling under good conditions, but for some students, they have to worry about their geometry grade as well as were they are sleeping tonight. Reema Amin addresses homelsness among students in New York City.

We have all taken a 15 minute bathroom break. Maybe it just isn’t your day, or you can’t stand that class. Whatever the reason, chances are you’ve done it. Schools may be catching on with a new app to track “peeing students”. Schools are excited but parents are far from thrilled, calling this new app “bathroom big brother”.

Michael Elsen-Rooney exposes what goes on in the school kitchen. Beacons building is new but in older buildings, things get heated in the kitchen. Poor ventilation affects the kitchen staff and can even affect the health grade of the kitchen.  

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