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By Tali Rosen

Volume 5 – April 2, 2020

This is not a prank:

Though it may be April first, the debate on whether or not the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo has a nipple piercing is anything but a joke. That’s right, all across the internet people are speculating if in fact the governors nipple is pierced. Major publications like Vice and the New York Post have looked into the matter. Check it out at the article linked below.

What’s that sound?

In neighborhoods throughout the city, at 7pm every night, people have been sticking their heads out their windows and cheering for essential workers including first responders, nurses, doctors, delivery people and others. These individuals are truly what is keeping the city functioning and we are all very grateful. So tomorrow at 7 pm, set an alarm and start clapping.

Flying Manholes:

Quarantine has its own issues, but at least you are safe from those crazy manholes. Manholes are flying in the streets of New York CIty and it’s not new. For years manholes have exploded. For one man, a manhole crashed through his taxi window resulting in permanent injury, this incident happened on lex and 44th street, that’s not that far from The Beacon School. Stay safe everyone, that is, when we are allowed to leave our houses again.

Going Through Old Clothes? 

If you find yourself going through and cleaning your closet, as I think a lot of us are during quarantine, you may want to think about losing your cozy Canada Goose jacket. Yes their jackets will keep you warm, but it comes at a cost; that is not just referring to their prices that range from $350 to over a thousand dollars. While Canada Goose no longer gets its down from a farm that kept the geese in small cages filled with their own waste and left there for 24 hours without care, the company is still far from cruelty free. Check out the link for more information about how traps are set for coyotes, leading them to eat through their own limbs in an effort to get free, just to give your jacket a nice fur lining on the hood.

From the pop hit “Stacy’s Mom” to the soundtrack of Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Adam Schlesinger, who died of CoronaVirus at age 52, left an indelible mark on our culture. We are saddened by the loss. Click the first link to here one of my favorites by them, “Hey Julie”.

Volume 4 – February 26, 2020

Horsing Around

Service horse Fred took to the sky with his handler Ronica Froese. Fred and Froese had two first class tickets to California and the trip was a smashing success. She trained her mini horse and prepared him to accompany her on her vacation. To learn more about Fred and Froese check out the link.

Maven on the Rise 

Maven, a reproductive health care startup is gaining momentum in the healthcare community. The organization gives people easy access to womens and family health experts. People can ask health care providers for referrals, advice or general information all through video chat and messaging. In just a year they have tripled their client base; after raising $45 million dollars worth of funds the company is continuing to grow and provide healthcare and information to women and families.–one-of-the-largest-funding-rounds-for-a-female-led-womens-healthcare-company/#44854b471a36

Lost kids Save each other:

Four boys went missing for over a day when a blizzard struck in Alaska. Ages 14, 7, 6 and 2, the boys knew exactly what they had to do to protect the youngest. These boys thought on their feet, huddling around the youngest boy to protect him from the cold. Because of their resourcefulness, all 4 boys returned home safely.

Counting Heads and Tails

Whether you stand your ground or run away scared, if you live in New York City, you have definitely encountered rats. NYCHA, the New York City Housing Authorities, has long promised a solution to the rat and roach problem our city faces but we have yet to see results. In an effort to keep that promise a rat census has been issued and workers have been going around the city beginning to count. 

Volume 3 – February 12, 2020

Music Man: Paul Simon, who went to public schools in Queens, gives a million dollars to help City kids make music.

Can You Repeat the Question?

Your parents are right, you’re not listening, but not for the reason they think.

Tik Tok, Not Just for Teens

Doctor in Texas takes unique opportunity and uses the popular app Tik Tok to address teens about sexual education.

Volume 2 – January 29, 2020

When Pigs Fly. Do you get anxious at the airport? Of course you do, who doesn’t? If you find yourself at San Francisco International Airport keep an eye out for LiLou, a four legged animal sporting an adorable pilot cap and hooves painted red. Yes hooves, Lilou is not a therapy dog, but a pig. To see pictures of and learn more about San Francisco’s airport therapy pig check out the link.

Cardi for Congress. Rapper Cardi B is bashed on twitter after announcing that she wants to be a congresswoman after attending some more schooling. People replied to her tweet attacking her grammar and overall use of language. Will beloved rapper Cardi continue to pursue this political path? Only time will tell.

Snooze you win. Sleep is always wonderful, but have you ever noticed that those January slumbers just feel better than any springtime snooze you could have? Well, it turns out you’re not alone. Data from a new survey shows that Americans report sleeping more when it is dark and cold. Check out the statistics by clicking the link.

Family Business. Ever wonder who runs pawnshops and who uses them?  Two reporters explain in words and pictures how they operate, what they offer poor New Yorkers (and learn that ninety percent of pawned jewelry is reclaimed). 

Don’t panic. The best defense (along with washing your hands) is staying informed about the coronavirus.

Volume 1 – November 19, 2019

Everyone’s school experience looks different. School can be grueling under good conditions, but for some students, they have to worry about their geometry grade as well as were they are sleeping tonight. Reema Amin addresses homelsness among students in New York City.

We have all taken a 15 minute bathroom break. Maybe it just isn’t your day, or you can’t stand that class. Whatever the reason, chances are you’ve done it. Schools may be catching on with a new app to track “peeing students”. Schools are excited but parents are far from thrilled, calling this new app “bathroom big brother”.

Michael Elsen-Rooney exposes what goes on in the school kitchen. Beacons building is new but in older buildings, things get heated in the kitchen. Poor ventilation affects the kitchen staff and can even affect the health grade of the kitchen.