Around the Neighborhood

By Isabella Guerriero

COVID-19 affected every neighborhood in New York City this year, so a favorite local spot can be an escape from the harsh reality of the pandemic. Here are a few places New York City teenagers love around the boroughs. Get inspired and maybe one day (wearing a mask of course) visit these spots!


Bensonhurst, Brooklyn  

I like this spot because of how soothing waves sound. This place is very calming and pretty.

Prospect Park, Park Slope, Brooklyn  

This is a picture of some friends of mine having a birthday cake in our favorite spot in Prospect Park, Park Slope. Inside the park, and on the horse trail, you can find a formation of fallen logs adjacent to a fenced-in cemetery. This spot is my favorite in the neighborhood because it is private, more protective from the wind/elements than other spots in the park, and is not that easy to access. It is the perfect place in my neighborhood to go and chill with a small group of people. 

Park Slope, Brooklyn 

This is my favorite restaurant in Park Slope because it’s where all my friends hang out and they have a wide selection of delicious Mexican food. 

Park Slope, Brooklyn

It’s my favorite because I have many many memories and pictures in that mirror with my friends, my family, and just like everyone I know and it carries memories of fun nights and happiness.

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn 

This spot is in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Extraordinarily, we all had our best moments here. When I met Bella and her friend group, we strolled around the Greek Festival. I remember when Bella was just young and so was everyone else; almost been three years since we met.  I will forever cherish those memories especially in Fort Hamilton park cause those were predominantly the best.


Neponsit, Queens

Everyone comes together to see the lights that are worked on for a month and I love to feel the Christmas spirit and everyone’s joy when we watch it get lit up. 

Howard Beach, Queens 

This store is my favorite spot because it has very cute clothes and I love going there whenever I need something new especially since it’s so close to me.

Flushing, Queens

I go here to freshen up my mind and I’ve been living in this area for around 10 years so it’s a safe spot for me. 

Elmhurst, Queens

I live in Queens, and Elmhurst park is a great place to enjoy walking around since it is such a big place. 


Financial District, Manhattan 

The Financial District, my favorite spot is Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport for many reasons. First, the view is beautiful and the back half usually isn’t noisy making it a great place to work or destress and relax. Second, every season new attractions are added to the rooftop — a stage for concerts, personal dining cabins for Covid safe dining, ice rinks, socially distanced private lawns, restaurants and food trucks — so it never gets old. And lastly, every day from around 5:30-7, all the dog owners go to the back half of the pier and let their dogs off the leash so there are dogs running everywhere, playing with each other and the other people, which is the cutest thing in the world. 

Lower East Side, Manhattan 

The basketball courts part of the Martin F. Tanahey park is my favorite spot in Two Bridges (my neighborhood). It’s my go-to hangout spot with my middle school friends and friends from my neighborhood. Even though I do not play basketball a lot of my friends play it for fun, so usually my best friend and I watch them while we have our own conversation. Especially when it’s nice out, we stay out there for hours and eat lunch or even dinner out there. There isn’t much to do in my neighborhood especially in this time of corona so having this outdoor spot has been really good for my social life and just my health in general. Everyone in my neighborhood knows about the “Cherry courts” (since they are on Cherry street) so it’s sort of a local youth hangout.

34th Street, Manhattan 

This is right by 34th street in a little spot by luna coffee. I like this place because whenever I go get drinks around there I sit down in this spot between two fancy restaurants and it looks super cool and I just get to enjoy the scenery by myself.

Although COVID-19 might have ruined and canceled many of our plans for the year 2020, getting out of the house to go to a favorite local spot, (safely of course) to get some fresh air helped a lot of us cope. Hopefully for the upcoming months, despite the cold, we can continue to get some fresh air and support a local favorite, especially with indoor dining options closing. Using these local spots as a way to escape from the harsh reality of what is now life is important, along with taking a breath and enjoying the outdoors. Take care of yourself and happy 2021!