The 2022 Beacon Art Show: A Preview

By Anna Di Iorio-Reyes and Ivy Luders

As the school year comes to a close, many things are clouding students’ thoughts, such as final PBAs and the approaching summer. However, to art students, there’s another thing in the back of their minds: the Beacon Art Show, which is coming on June 10th.

We’ve all seen the posters and mysterious coverings with: “Want to see what’s under here? Come to The Art Show!” written on them. As the date of the show draws nearer, more signs of art are apparent. Inspired photos of students cover the walls and hang from ceilings, and the smell of paint is heavy once you reach the 4th floor. Creativity is everywhere, and it’s hard not to admire. 

Art students across all programs in Beacon, as well as art teachers like Ms. Malloy, are working extremely hard every day to ensure that this year’s show is as stunning and successful as in years past. Many are in the art room or hallway during their free periods and after school working on their installations. 

The Art Show originated in Beacon’s prior building, with about 15 students who wanted to showcase their art. Since then, all it has done is grow, as proved by recent shows. “It’s a total student-run show, with guidance from the teachers, and it’s a totally free show because we want art to be available to everyone, not to have a price tag on it,” said Ms. Malloy, who’s been teaching at Beacon for 23 years.

Across all floors of Beacon, except the 6th, forms of art will be everywhere. Photographs will be scattered across walls, and everything from pencil drawings to full scale sculptures neatly clutter the hall. Bands will play, dance will be showcased, and in the auditorium, a film festival will feature Beacon students’ finest films.

“It’s about sharing creativity and inspiring others,” said Ms. Malloy. “Art has been an incredibly therapeutic and rewarding career choice and outlet for me personally, and I knew that that could be something for others if they had the right support… and I thought that through the arts maybe I could make a difference.” And she was right: many students would agree that she has made a difference in their lives. It’s assured by the work they’re able to create here at Beacon.

Elan’s bedroom: a preview.

Elan, a senior who takes Art Honors, is currently working on a recreation of his bedroom using plaster and plastic, an installation which will be showcased on the fourth floor. “I’ve always felt kind of trapped in my room even before the pandemic, and I think that just intensified for a lot of people,” he said. Elan intends to pursue art throughout life and college, as next year he will be going to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, which is just an example of the commitment and talent art students at Beacon have. “It felt right to kind of commemorate all those feelings by creating a version of my space that’s frozen in time in some ways.”

Beacon, even though it’s known for its academics, has outstanding elective programs with classes in theater, dance, art, photography, coding, and music, and integrated within them are higher-level courses that are able to bring students’ skills to the next level. Ms. Malloy is one of the many teachers who ensures that students are able to pursue their passion by giving them opportunities to do so.

“If you have art and you want it to be in the show, it can get into the show. It’s just a matter of looking at it with other people and curating together.” Ms. Malloy said. 

Save the date.

What this Art Show, well, shows most of all is how appreciated art is and should be. “Without the artists, we’re nothing,” said Ms. Malloy. Many of us forget how important art truly is in life, and how, even if you don’t consider yourself an artist in any way, “it just makes life so much more fun,” as Elan put it. “And who would want to miss out on that?”