Welcome to The Seven-Floor Project

The Beacon Beat Editors

It’s easy to live through days, weeks, months, or years of high school while almost exclusively looking at the floor, the board, or your phone. Daily life as a student can feel monotonous, even as the topics of your typical math, english, and history classes evolve each day. But when we step outside the classroom to roam the halls in search of our next destination, a whole new world unfolds before our very eyes on each and every floor. 

As you scurry from the third floor to the fifth floor, teachers wave to students in the hallways whizz before your eyes, club leaders hang up posters for their next meeting, and friends chat about how hard that quiz just was. After a while, this can all blend into the regularity of everyday life. All the students and teachers Beacon has to offer and the floors we find ourselves familiar with become just another facet of our life.

Yet with this monotony comes an unfortunate side effect: we just don’t take enough time to appreciate what we have over at 522 West 44th Street. It’s with this core idea that we’re presenting our latest series: the Seven-Floor Project.

Over the course of the next few weeks, various Beacon Beat writers will take you on a tour of our school, floor-by-floor. They’ll discuss, analyze, illuminate, and appreciate the many facets of our school. We won’t talk about everything, but that’s the whole point– we just have so much in this building to enjoy. 

We hope this series will remind you, the Beacon reader, to take a moment and explore everything this school has to offer. As a pair of seniors, we know that you can’t possibly experience all of Beacon in your four years, but as you’ll see, there’s always something new to learn about here– and we’re not just talking about classes.

Here’s when you should expect every article in the Seven-Floor Project:

Today, January 19th: Basement

Week of January 23rd: 1st Floor

Week of January 30th: 3rd Floor, 4th Floor

Week of February 13th: 5th Floor, 6th Floor

Week of February 27th: 7th Floor