Beacon Boys’ Soccer: A Brief Breakdown

By Lucien Betancourt

With the Beacon Boys’ fall soccer  season at its end, it’s time to break down both the misfortunes and great displays of skill and talent we have seen since September. The team has had its ups and downs, and their 8-3-1 record and quarterfinal exit reflects this.

Junior left-back Garrett Luijpers described the season as “Nothing short of a bumpy ride. We had very good moments and not so great moments but what mattered was that we all put in 100% effort.” The team was full of passion and fought together as a team to the final minute. Senior goalkeeper and captain Ellis Whiteson said that the tough season was “one that brought a group of boys together to form lifelong relationships that will continue to grow overtime.” The team excelled through their consistency and their ability to work together and play with unity made the difference in their tough games.

Leadership and talent were also key aspects mentioned when interviewed, and there were certain players that stood out. One of them was senior captain Julian Naiman, who played every game and finished the fall with 6 goals and 8 assists. He was a vital part of the team, playing as a central midfielder and a main leader of the team. The other was Whiteson, who played a key role in the team, with 50 saves and 7 clean sheets in 15 games. He also brought passion and commitment to the team. He led the defense of the team alongside senior center backs Parker Mailloux and Diego de Souza, who also played every game and were also responsible for the team’s 7 clean sheets. Parker also had a large presence in attack, with 5 goals and 2 assists, despite being a defender. He especially stood out as a leader not only in defense but on the team. 

Senior forward Adam Pusey also played a big role on the team, scoring 8 goals and 10 assists, leading the squad  in both categories. He was the best player on the team as voted by many of his teammates. Close behind in goals and assists was junior forward Walter Quizhpe, with 4 goals and 7 assists.

Junior Augustus Elam also had a big impact on the team, scoring 6 goals this season. Milo Soares, Junior, also had a presence, scoring 5 goals. Joaquin Moen contributed to the team with 4 goals and 2 assists. These three stood out as gems in a team full of seniors, demonstrating the future of Beacon boys’ soccer for the following season.

Although the team fell short of their ultimate goal of a championship, they fought together through injuries and tough games to finish high in the overall standings. Although they brought home no silverware, we must instead focus on the journey they took and the individuals who fought day in day out for Beacon.