Mini Beats: March

Welcome to our Mini Beats collection for March! 

For the Mini Beats March prompt we asked our readers: 

If money wasn’t an object what career would you pursue and why?

We received lovely submissions that were thoughtful and generous in their responses, crafting wonderful stories in such a tiny word limit. 

So, here are the responses we, the editors of The Beacon Beat, chose that we felt best exemplified in March’s prompt. 

Ancient Dreams

If money were no object I’d be an archivist. I could spend days sifting through old documents, deciphering letters, or organizing artifacts from a forgotten room in a preserved castle – things from eras that are only shown in history books or through legend. If money were no object I’d write a book about an obscure discovery deep in history, specific to a singular event or figure. I could spend years researching anything and everything that caught my interest without limits or requirements. — Cali Carrs, 12th grade


I wouldn’t work. If money wasn’t an object why would I save up to visit Istanbul? I would flit off in an actually comfortable seat (aka business class) to every country I could think of. I wouldn’t travel blog, I wouldn’t be a photographer, I would literally just be paid to travel for no reason except my own enjoyment. 😉 — Talia Willscher, 11th grade

A Tropical Paradise

Salty air, faded sunburns, and perfectly cooked omelets. A strange combination, but one that I find delectable. Like any person would if money wasn’t an option, I would move to a Caribbean island to work at the sought-after omelet bar at a hotel. As someone who gives themself high regard when in the kitchen, I think this would be the perfect opportunity for me. I could not only stare at the crystal clear water every day but hopefully explore the island with friends and family. Although this is not a tangible reality, it would certainly be blissful and stress-free. — Keira Krisburg, 10th grade

Becoming an Author

If money didn’t matter, I’d become a children’s book author. It must be incredibly entertaining to write books with six words per page, colorful illustrations, and rounded corners that protect little hands from paper cuts. When typing, I’d sit in my favorite park and nibble a cranberry muffin. Or, I’d lie on my cozy couch and listen to the rain outside my window, never rushing to meetings or stressing over emails like office workers do. I want to make little kids giggle and parents smirk. Imagine drafting a ten page book about colors and becoming an author. — Ariel Konieczko, 10th grade

Panda Nanny

I would become a panda nanny. All day I would play and nurture infant pandas. — Anonymous, 11th grade

Thank you for these submissions!

Now for April’s Mini Beats the prompt is:

Create a story in six words or less!

You can submit your story through this Google Form and include a picture that matches your experience. Submissions close on April 30th.