BEET: TikTok vs. Instagram Reels

By Olivia Barker-Dell

I’m sure you have heard of the saying of potayto potahto, and tomayto, tomahto, but TikTok and Instagram aren’t like that– they’re different. Right? 

Availability Status:

TikTok: Available

Instagram: Available  


TikTok: Free

Instagram Reels: Free

Have we found something in America free of charge?? 

Human Benefit: 

TikTok: They’re popular, and make us feel important…

Instagram Reels: They’re slightly less popular but still entertaining. But the most important thing that Instagram Reels provides to humans…is that they get to boast about how they aren’t followers of the TikTok trend… by just using TikTok under a different name.


TikTok: Out of over 1 billion users, 37.4% are older folks, while 62.6% of users are youngins. 

Instagram Reels: Out of over 2.35 Billion users, 29.8% are older folks, while 70.2% of users are youngins. 

Seems like Instagram Reels attract most of the new generation… is TikTok for older people? 

Social messaging: 

TikTok: Yes, all users can both tag and send other users on the platform TikToks. 

But…the real question is how many taps on an iPhone does it take to send a TikTok? 

2 taps!

Instagram Reels: Ditto for reels!

How many taps though….?

2 taps!


There really is no difference between TikTok and Instagram Reels.