Welcome to The Beacon BEET

April Fools! Throughout this year, we at The Beacon Beat have been trying new series and ideas, in an effort to challenge ourselves as writers and editors. Mini Beats have become a monthly fixture at the Beat, and the Seven-Floor Project was an ambitious succcess. Now, we’ve arrived at our third and final series, a quintet of satire articles that make up our most unique experiment yet: The Beacon BEET

Inspired by satirical publications like The Onion, The Beacon BEET uses humor and irony to make pointed commentary at issues writers at the Beat care about, including the Internet, misinformation, artificial intelligence, education, and politics. 

On this fateful 4/20, we’re releasing five unique pieces from five different writers. We hope this reminds you, the reader, of the sheer range of both the medium of journalistic writing and our talented team of writers. We hope you come away from this project with a thought, a laugh, and perhaps a deeper understanding of the sociopolitical issues that make Beacon students tick. 

Please enjoy reading The Beacon BEET.