Mini Beats: April

Welcome to our Mini Beats collection for April! 

For the Mini Beats April prompt we asked our readers: 

If money wasn’t an object what career would you pursue and why?

We received lovely submissions that were thoughtful and generous in their responses, crafting wonderful stories in such a tiny word limit. 

So, here are the responses we, the editors of The Beacon Beat, chose that we felt best exemplified in March’s prompt. 

High School

Junior Year: confusion & growth in one! — Olivia barker-Dell, 11th grade


Open old doors with light rays.

Welcome home! We weren’t… expecting her. — Anonymous


Blossoms bloom. Bees buzz. Spring sprung. — Anonymous


The wind danced, the leaves whispered.— Alice Rosenberg, 11th grade

Thank you for these submissions!

Now for May’s Mini Beats the prompt is:

What is a conspiracy theory you find interesting and why?

You can submit your story through this Google Form and include a picture that matches your experience. Submissions close on May 31st.