About Us

The Beacon Beat, formerly called As It Happens, is the official newspaper of the Beacon student body. Not only is The Beacon Beat an essential source of school news, but its editorials provide unique student insight about our city, country, and world. We encourage students to express their views on everything from their classmates’ coffee addictions to U.S. foreign policy.

We are always on the lookout for new reporters, editors, photographers, and artists! Any student may join our weekly Wednesday meetings or submit work for our consideration via email (beaconbeateditors@gmail.com). We don’t just want to hear new voices; we want to empower them.

2020-2021 Staff

Lauren Abate, Faculty Advisor 

Ms. Abate teaches English at The Beacon School.

Tali Lebowitsch, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Tali Lebowitsch is a senior at Beacon and has been a member of Beacon Beat since her sophomore year. In junior year she was communications director, and is now very excited to be Co Editor-in-Chief. Tali hopes to pursue journalism one day in the future and loves to write recreationally and for this publication. Outside of school, her other hobbies include social justice advocacy work, reading, and spending time with friends and family. 

Tali Rosen, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Tali Rosen is a senior at The Beacon School and has been a part of The Beacon Beat since her sophomore year. She loves music, going to concerts (not now of course) and playing guitar. She has worked with Simply Put Media, a not-for-profit organization that translates vital information (how to get a mortgage, prenatal care) into simpler language for adults who need it. She loves writing and reading stories, and is thrilled to be Co-Editor-in-Chief for The Beacon Beat. She feels lucky to be with such a talented group, finding new ways in this crazy time to tell stories and come together as a community. 

Sammy Bovitz, Sports Editor 

Sammy Bovitz is the Sports Editor of the Beacon Beat. He’s been at the Beat since 2019, when he served as a staff writer. Bovitz has many ventures in the sports media world, including his own podcast as a part of National Sports Radio (a teenage sports radio network he runs) and a position as a writer and podcaster at the Say It Again Network. He was perhaps a little too excited when his Los Angeles Dodgers won the 2020 World Series.

Isabella Argote, Staff Editor

Isabella Argote is a junior at Beacon and this is her first year on the Beacon Beat as a staff editor. Isabella loves theatre and acting and in her free time, she loves to read, write, play the guitar, and hang out with her friends whenever she can. 

Linus Coersmeier, Staff Editor

Linus Coersmeier is a junior at Beacon and has been a member of the Beacon Beat since his Freshman. He is currently an editor/ media director and looks forward to continuing his roles in the exciting Beacon Beat community. Linus hopes to continue his journalistic career and writing as a whole in the future. He loves to contribute to the newspaper and is working on incorporating more multi-media projects. His hobbies include making music, computer engineering, and playing with his dog.

Isabella Guerriero, Staff Editor  

Isabella Guerriero is a junior at the Beacon School and currently a staff editor for The Beacon Beat. Outside of school she enjoys dance, reading, writing, and spending time with friends. She is super excited to be an editor for The Beacon Beat and hopes to continue writing in the future. 

Ariella Moses, Social Media and Student Outreach Director

Ariella Moses is a junior at The Beacon School and has been a member of The Beacon Beat since her sophomore year. Ariella has always been interested in writing and journalism analysis, and spends time doing all of the above. Outside of school she loves to spend time with friends and her family as well. 

Staff Writers: Sanai Rashid, Samuel Bovitz, Maki Nientao, Cali Morrison Carss, Guy Mermelstein, Camilla Bauman, Sam Klein Stearns

Past Editors-in-Chief:

2019-2020: Adrian Flynn and Esme Laster

2018-2019: Sophie Steinberg

2017-2018: Ilana Cohen

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