About Us

The Beacon Beat, formerly called As It Happens, is the official newspaper of the Beacon student body. Not only is The Beacon Beat an essential source of school news, but its editorials provide unique student insight about our city, country, and world. We encourage students to express their views on everything from their classmates’ coffee addictions to U.S. foreign policy.

We are always on the lookout for new reporters, editors, photographers, and artists! Any student may join our weekly Wednesday meetings or submit work for our consideration via email (beaconbeateditors@gmail.com). We don’t just want to hear new voices; we want to empower them.

Our Staff

2018-2019 Staff:

Ms. Meghan Cohen, Advisor 

Ms. Cohen teaches French at The Beacon School.

Sophie Steinberg, Editor-in-Chief

Sophie Steinberg is a senior at The Beacon School. She has written for “The Beacon Beat” since her sophomore year, contributing primarily schools news pieces and editorials. Sophie has been published professionally on TheNation.com and is an active Freelance Journalist. An aspiring journalist and a dedicated creative writer, Sophie has taken playwriting classes and participated in poetry slams. When she’s not writing, Sophie plays soccer for Beacon, is apart of Art Honors, and does Theater Teach for B’DAT. 

Sophie’s piece for The Nation: https://www.thenation.com/article/the-parkland-students-are-showing-my-generation-a-path-forward/

Maxine Slater, Communications Director

Maxine Slater is a senior at The Beacon School and The Communications Director for The Beacon Beat. Since joining the paper in 2017, Maxine has honed her craft in the domain of school news, profiling Beacon teachers and reporting on additions as well as shortcomings to the school’s administrative policy. When not writing, editing, or sending weekly emails to her core staffers, Maxine can be found completing oncology research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital or assisting patients in New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell’s Neurology Unit. An aspiring MD/PhD, Maxine hopes to one day join her medical forces with her journalistic ones and participate in the greater field of narrative medicine. 

Mollie Butler, Website Design

Mollie Butler is a senior at The Beacon School. She has been a member of “The Beacon Beat” since her sophomore year and has since honed her interests in politics and media arts. Outside of the paper, Mollie is a member of both Beacon’s Student Leadership Team and is the current head of Project ABLE.

Jude Messler, Director of Mixed Media

Jude Messler is a senior at The Beacon School. He has been a member of the “Beacon Beat” since 2017. Jude works on the expression of societal problems through art for the Beacon Beat. He is also interested in government and writing pieces about local and national politics. Outside of the paper Jude is the Co-President of “Project Able,” a peer tutor, a Beacon Big Sib, and an Intern for U.S Senator Chuck Schumer.

Ruby Paarlberg, Staff Sports & School News Editor

Ruby Paarlberg is a Junior at the Beacon School, and has written for “The Beacon Beat” since sophomore year. In addition to journalism, she enjoys playwriting. Outside of the paper, Ruby plays on the Beacon girls varsity soccer team. When she is not at school, she enjoys swimming, hiking in the mountains, and trying new foods.

Anne Isman, Staff Arts & Culture Editor

Anne Isman is a senior at The Beacon School, and has written for “The Beacon Beat,” since junior year, covering mainly school news, movie and TV reviews, and op-eds. Outside of the paper, she is a member of Beacon’s Photo Club and Student Leadership Team.

Adrian K.A. Flynn, Staff Politics Editor

Adrian Flynn is a junior at The Beacon School, and he has written for “The Beacon Beat” since freshman year. He has had a uniquely international upbringing, spending nine out of the seventeen years of his life abroad. In the past, Adrian’s writing has enabled him to meet highly influential members of the government, such as Justice Sonia Sotomayor and former President Jimmy Carter. During the summer, when Adrian is not working as an editor, writer and publisher for the paper, he can be found trekking across the country or working at an immigrant-run artisanal ice cream shop in the Village.

Staff Writers: Mira-Rose Kingsbury Lee, Julian Fuchsberg, Janet Hernandez, Tali Lebowitsch, Camilla Bauman, Andrew Najjar, Tess Omli, Jadan Harsch

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