Meet The Team

Co-Editors In Chief

Sanai Rashid

Sanai Rashid is a junior at The Beacon School. As a writer and proud New Yorker, she harnesses each sound, sight, and smell the city has to offer to inspire her articles and essays. After high school, Sanai plans to go to a college not too far from the smiles of her siblings and roasted peanut carts of Manhattan to make her way as an investigative journalist. When she is not scribbling stories in her journal or reading Toni Morrison, you can find her sipping chamomile tea and trying to perfect her brownie recipe. 

Sammy Bovitz

Sammy Bovitz is a junior at The Beacon School. Ever since he was younger, he always felt compelled and inspired to discuss everything under the sun. Beacon’s emphasis on thoughtful, inquisitive students has pushed him to conceive and produce his most varied writing yet. After high school, Sammy plans to go to a journalism-focused college in the US and “make it,” however that definition reveals itself, as a professional writer. When he’s not crazily typing away at his next big story, he’s hunting for the best caramel ice cream or settling down to watch a baseball game. 

Staff Editors

Anna Di Iorio-Reyes

Anna Di Iorio-Reyes is a sophomore at The Beacon School. She’s always loved to write and looks forward to seeing how attending high school in Manhattan affects her life both in front of a keyboard and beyond. After high school, Anna has her sights set on a college in a New England town, where she hopes to develop her writing and other journalistic skills. When she’s not settling down with a notebook and pencil, you can find her tearing away at a good book or skating down the ice at hockey practice.

Cali Carss

Cali Carss is a junior at The Beacon School. She has loved editing and writing ever since she helped a friend create a book in 5th grade about their friend group. She likes writing about topics that pertain to her life or things she loves. After high school, Cali plans to go to college on the east coast. From there, she plans to pursue a career as a historian, writing about historical figures and events that she feels strongly about. When she’s not writing, you can find her at swim practice, listening to a history podcast, or enjoying her favorite music with a good book.

Anya Geiling

Anya Geiling is a junior at The Beacon School. She is a writer and editor for the Beacon Beat on an array of topics. From reviews on documentaries to highlighting alternative bands, writing allows Anya to express things that she loves. In her free time, she writes larger works with her brother, Reiner– they published a chapbook about nature together. After high school, Anya looks forward to attending a university where she can explore new career options.

Anna Mintzer

Anna Mintzer is a junior at The Beacon School. She has always loved to read, and her current favorite book is The Secret History. Anna loves computer science and also helps run the coding club at Beacon. When she’s not working with the Beat, she likes to sew clothes, bake, hang out with their friends, and watch TV in her free time.

Talia Willscher

Talia Willscher is a sophomore at Beacon. After high school, she wants to go to college far away from New York City– hopefully abroad– and plans to continue to write more once there. She hopes to have a career in criminal justice, whether in investigative journalism or as a lawyer. When she’s not doing her homework, she’s running around the city going to her different sports practices.

Social Team

Olivia Barker-Dell

Olivia Barker-Dell is a sophomore at The Beacon School. She is a social media coordinator and a staff writer for the Beat. As a proud Brooklyn resident, she lets Brooklyn’s rich culture and people influence her next big story. When she isn’t scouring the city for her next idea, she’s usually out with friends, reading one of her many romance novels, or playing video games online.

Sophie Green

Sophie Green is a junior at Beacon and a writer and designer for The Beacon Beat. She lived in London for four years but was born in NYC and has lived here for 11 years. When she’s not writing about pop culture or current events, you can find her watching Criminal Minds or listening to Taylor Swift. Inspired by Jordan Peele, Sophie hopes to combine her interest in dystopian fantasies, horror, and forensics with her love of movies to create television projects in the future.

Olivia Ruiz

Olivia Ruiz is a junior at The Beacon School. She is a Social Media Manager and Staff Writer for the Beat. At a young age, Olivia developed a passion for writing and continues to view it as a means of expressing herself and her interests. After high school, Olivia plans to study English at a university not too far away from the city and hopes to deepen her love of reading and writing.

Miranda Yang

Miranda Yang is a junior at Beacon and a member of the social team as well as a staff writer. She loves to read, write, and do all things art. She is constantly hanging out somewhere in Brooklyn, eating food, baking, playing music, doing copious amounts of homework, and mastering New York Times mini crosswords, all in the company of her friends. This is her first year at the Beat.

Devon Chang

Devon Chang is a junior at The Beacon School and is a writer and designer for The Beacon Beat. Prompted by observation and conversation, she strives to utilize written expression to reflect on herself and the world around her. She finds joy in sharing her writing to cultivate further discussion and growth within her community. Following high school, Devon hopes to attend college somewhere a little farther from home, pursuing whatever sparks new interest. Beyond the pen and paper, Devon is a dancer of 10 years and loves exploring new spots around the city with friends.

Staff Writers

Lucien Betancourt

Lucien Betancourt is a junior at Beacon School. Using his love for soccer, he writes opinion pieces and statistical articles on sports events. He plans to go to college somewhere Upstate for Engineering. When he isn’t writing articles, he is watching football games, playing Ultimate Frisbee for the Beacon Blue Demons, and sometimes playing piano at home and school.

Griffin Feather

Griffin Feather is a junior at the Beacon School. He has always loved reading, writing, and talking about the things going on in the world. He loves writing about things that impact his own life. When he is not writing, he plays soccer and spends time with his family and friends.

Chisom Eke

Chisom Eke is a freshman at The Beacon School. She allows her imaginative and creative mind to control those inspirations fully. Writing and reading have always been a vast interest for Chisom. As a new student at Beacon, she fully intends to use her unique compositions to the fullest extent of her style. Chisom enjoys watching anime and reading the latest articles while listening to R&B when she’s not writing away.

Kaya Bruno

Kaya Bruno is a junior at The Beacon School. Her love of writing stems from her obsession with reading, which is reflected in the topics of her articles. She enjoys writing about issues relevant to her life and teenagers in general. After high school, Kaya would like to attend college on the East Coast and determine career options. When she’s not planning or writing her next article, you can find her expanding her bookshelf and searching for her next favorite book.

Ariel Konieczko

Ariel Konieczko is a freshman at The Beacon School. As a student who loves creative writing and science, Ariel hopes to combine her interests while on The Beacon Beat and publish articles about her favorite topics. To relax, Ariel enjoys taking walks in near her Brooklyn apartment and baking with her sister.

Keira Krisburg

Keira Krisburg is a freshman at The Beacon School. She has a passion for current events and a desire to learn more about worldwide news. Writing is always something Keira has enjoyed since elementary school, so weaving her voice along with the voice of others is something she loves. In addition, Keira loves listening to music and exploring new restaurants in New York City.

Sofía Lewis

Sofía is a sophomore at Beacon who has a passion for writing and telling stories. She likes to write about everything, from identity to politics to TV shows. When she isn’t hacking away at an article, you can find her reading, on the train, or eating a bowl of cereal. Sofía plans on being a writer after high school, and would love to dabble in local politics down the road.

Reiner Geiling

Reiner Geiling is a freshman at the Beacon School. He has always loved writing and is a current writer for the Beacon Beat. A variety of topics encapsulate him, but he mainly enjoys scribbling away at articles that concern the well-being of individuals. After high school Reiner hopes to find the college and career that suits him best.

Cleo Thompson

Cleo Thompson is a freshman at The Beacon School. She has always been passionate about writing and is very excited to be part of a larger experience that will teach her about journalism! Other than writing, Cleo enjoys playing and listening to music! She plays bass, guitar, piano, and sings.

Hannah Rajalingam
(She/ They)

Hannah Rajalingam is a sophomore at The Beacon School. She is a staff writer for the publication. Her hobbies pretty much amount to reading or watching TV. Though Hannah initially disliked the early morning commute, traveling to Manhattan for school has become something she truly enjoys.

Miranda Lupel

Miranda Lupel has wanted to be a part of something that involves writing for so long, and now she can! She feels the sense of community the Beacon Beat has and is excited to be a part of it. Other than writing, she loves to find new music to listen to.

Sasha Rafiy

Sasha Rafiy is a junior at The Beacon School. She is a staff writer and photographer for the Beacon Beat. She loves to take digital and film photos and is an avid writer. Sasha loves to learn and write about current events. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing soccer, and going to cafes in her free time.