The Beacon Buzz

The Beacon Buzz: It’s Your Turn!

Welcome to The Beacon Buzz, the newest addition to The Beacon Beat’s website. This is a community page for the Beacon student body to answer questions, take surveys, submit jokes, take quizzes, and enter contests for a chance to add to an article or win a prize! The page should be a safe space for the students of Beacon to communicate their opinions and be featured on our page. Answers submitted on the Google Forms will be private and anonymous unless otherwise noted.

Best of this Year’s Senior Quotes!

Enter for a chance to win The Beacon Beat’s Senior Quote competition!

All seniors have a chance to be voted “Best Senior Quote” by The Beacon Beat Staff, which will be announced to the whole school via the loudspeaker! Please list your name and write your senior quote.

REAL SENIOR QUOTE- What do you WISH you could have put for your senior quote?

If you had complete freedom, no character limit, no censorship, what would you have put as your senior quote?

Share your raw, unfiltered senior quote for a chance to be featured in an upcoming article. It can be anonymous if you wish.


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